We are delighted to offer our clients the New Mexico Weight Distance Permit service. Our comprehensive solution is designed to assist motor carriers in obtaining and managing their New Mexico weight distance permits, ensuring compliance with state regulations and facilitating smooth operations.

A New Mexico Weight Distance Permit is a permit required for certain commercial motor vehicles operating in the state of New Mexico. It is designed to collect fees from these vehicles based on the weight and distance traveled within the state. The Weight Distance Permit applies to vehicles with a gross weight exceeding 26,000 pounds or vehicles that have three or more axles regardless of weight. The permit is required for both intrastate (within New Mexico) and interstate (traveling through New Mexico) operations.The fees are determined based on the vehicle’s weight, number of axles, and the distance traveled within the state.

Partnering with MC Central for your New Mexico Weight Distance Permit needs ensures peace of mind and compliance with state regulations. Let us handle the complexities of the permit process, allowing you to focus on your transportation operations.